About Me.

Thanks for taking the time to checkout my blog and take a look at my About page.... Im Skino (Mike), a 33 year old father of three from North Wales.

5 years ago i was lucky enough to find a job in IT and escape retail! this new Job rekindled my love for computers and general love for technology. Since starting this new job ive gone from a standard helpdesk agent, Service Desk team leader and i recently moved on to being a Junior Developer.

“You know 10th planet jiu-jitsu is just filled with nerds. They’re all nerds. Assasin nerds. It’s really kinda interesting. ” Quote from Joe Rogan and Jocko Willink

The above quote probably makes no sense until you know what my passions are outside of IT and Computing. Im an extremely fortunate man.... i have an amazing wife (She puts up with me) and 3 incredible children again from 2 to 11, and 90% of my time is taken up with work and family life... but for 2 nights a week (when COVID-19 does one!) i train for 2 hours doing my main passion.... Brazilian JiuJitsu.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are my nights, I come home from work have a light dinner and then leave for 3 hours to train BJJ. Up until recent years people wouldnt put "geeks and nerds" into the group of individuals who learn how to strangle and snap each other wearing Pajamas (The Gi).

This is my down time as mad as it sounds.... this is where i go to let loose and chill! In the above picture you have all sorts of different people who come together for the same reasons as i do. In the Picture you have Me (The Geek), a Traffic warden, an anesthetist, a high ranking police officer and a retail worker!... guess what... none of it matters we all go there for the same thing. To chill out and learn how to strangle each other in a padded room.

The Geek in me... around the age of 14 i got my first computer which i fondly referred to as my packard hell. It was garbage, could just about run basic programs and at that time everything was about Napster and Limewire.... need i say more.... The computer being as shite as it was taught me two things.... Patience and how to fix a computers and from there it went on to being able to build my first computer which cost me my first 3 pay packets.... but it was amazing for me. A few years later i built a better machine and started doing design work (Early days of Photoshop), 3D Work and very VERY basic Website work (Super basic HTML and CSS).

My constant curiosity about computers and how they worked moved me to go to college and study a GNVQ in computing and then followed up to a BTEC National Diploma... during the second year of my Diploma i was offered a job in a datacenter in the Channel Islands. From 2004 to 2008 i lived and with my brother in Jersey and all was going great until circumstances made it so i had to move back to the UK.

I refer to the next 8 years as the "dark patch in my career... i worked in ... retail... i hated every minute of it but unfortunately there was no IT Jobs in my little backwater town. Working in retail got to the stage where i genuinely hated waking up to go to work and took action i applied for around 40 jobs in and around my area and finally after 8 years of misery i got back into IT as a Helpdesk Analyst, a year and a half into the job i was moved to a Helpdesk Team Leader and more recently a Junior Developer.

Over the last year i have rekindled my love for design work and started on a few projects using Laravel as my PHP Framework, one of my Projects is a Website for my Jiujitsu Club to replace the Wix site Here. I want to replace this with a site that i can include members, ranks and gallery photos etc to make it more interactive for the club.

The other project ive started on i dont want to talk much about as i know there are others who have tried something similar but haven't quite got it right.... If i do it properly from day one, it could potentially be a site with 15k plus members!. So stay tuned for that!

Skino / Founder of Raspada Blog and all around geek!