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Jun 08th 2021

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I'm a Brazilian JiuJitsu Practitioner, its the one hobby I do outside my family. Four hours a week I got to my club Primal BJJ which is a padded room in Rhyl, North Wales to essentially learn how to strangle people in Pyjamas (its not quite like that but that description seems to fit.) .

Every chance I get i will try and get another person to join the club and get involved as it can do so so much for people who train it.

The Lockdowns..... Covid 19

To say I've been fairly miserable during lock down was an understatement and I think most people were the same, people have had there hobbies and interests ripped from under then for over 12 months which has affected people in many different ways. Mine was to go back to drinking, Eating and gaming and rarely leaving the house unless absolutely necessary... I gained weight (3 stone / 19kg) and lost next to all of the cardio I had.....

But the beginning of May that all changed!

Allowed to open!

When we were allowed to open, I sat down with family and discussed if they were OK for me to go back training, and after some short discussions we agreed it was all OK (I think they wanted me out of the house :P ). I got my Gi ready, my rash guard and gum shield and set out for the first bit of physical exercise id had in nearly a year and a half.

Seeing old friends was incredible, some of these people you only see when you train but they are all good friends!

Absolutely Ruined

That first session was punishment.... looking around our room i could see two types of people..... the people who had kept in shape, gone out jogging and ate right.... and people like me who hadn't. one thing we ALL had in common was the huge smiles on our faces!

Another thing which quickly became apparent was our little "Red Room" gym was getting too small, we were not all getting to roll at the same time and train all at the same time and our coach decided to start looking for our new Home/Gym.

The new place and some changes

Now it doesnt look much at the moment as the builders are still in converting our new home from this warehouse to a MMA gym in 2 weeks time this place will be matted out walls and floor and we will start to train. The new location is actually twice as big as the old location and also has rooms of the the sides, meaning the Mat space wont have bags etc on it.

This brings us onto the next change for our new home, No longer are we primarily a Brazilian JiuJitsu Club, we're an MMA club with the following disciplines to offer our club member's and any new starters:

  • Brazilian Jiujitsu Gi
  • Brazilian Jiujitsu NoGi
  • Wrestling
  • Striking
  • Fighting Fit bootcamps!
  • Open mat sessions

As far as im aware its the first club in North Wales to offer all of this under one roof with some top level fighters from around the area who have competed and won in FCC.

The future is looking bright at Primal MMA Academy.