Photography & Me

My First Camera

When i talk about the first camera its actually about the third camera i owned, my wife 2 at best were horrendous and don't need a mention here... on was literally a Webcam which could double up as a 2MP camera and some beast my mate picked up which used floppy disks for storage.... yes you read that correct.

So the first proper camera i had was a Fuji FinePix S5500. The camera was a "bridge" camera and helped me learn about cameras in a better way than just a point and click would. So what was it like, what were the specs;

  • 10x Optical zoom (very good for this type of camera in its ere)
  • It felt like a small DSLR (unable to change the lenses)
  • a "whopping" 4MP Camera
  • RAW Formatting to be edited later
  • and some decent exposure modes

Not by a long shot was all of this cutting edge it was 100% an entry level camera that i knew i would be replacing at some point. but it was a start and it helped me achieve shots like below.

Now i'm sure you can spot where the weakness of this camera comes into play.... Low light. it became very noisy in the dark patches of photographs and "sport photography" at night was a no go as you can see from the last photo. and this happened for about 6 years.... i didn't change the camera and moved away and kind of forgot about photography as a whole.

In 2008 it was time for me to take a trip to the amazing country that is China to meet my soon to be in-laws i was excited about seeing this country and meeting new people and my then girlfriend (now wife) suggest i buy myself a new camera over there as it would be Cheaper. I done some research and settled on a Canon EOS 450d and my passion for photography erupted again, this camera for an entry level DSLR was incredible, good for sport, landscapes and portraits.

Now one thing a new camera didn't sort out was my inability to use the camera correctly, over the next 3 - 4 years i got some good shots, photographed a wedding and sold some small prints. I was enjoying this and decided i wasted to do a BTEC National Diploma in Photography. Starting the course i decided to upgrade my Kit to a full frame Canon EOS 6d (which was a beautiful camera) with some new lenses to boot, At this stage it was VERY MUCH "all the gear and no idea". i spent a lot of time photographing in the studio and enjoyed the results i got!

And then a few months into the course at college i was introduced to film photography and instantly fell in love with the format. There is something magical about having to really plan the shots you take and then really thinking about how you want to develop them.... but that's a discussion for another time.

I started using the film camera more and more and the 6D was relegated to the bag more and more, then college finished... i still used the 6D But i was missing the rangefinder feel of a camera and eventually got bored of the DSLR, after a few months someone borrowed me the Fujifilm Xpro1 and it was as if the light had been turned on again, the feel of a film rangefinder but full digital camera with incredible quality and features.

A week later i had sold my 6D and purchased the Xpro1... and that brings us up to present day.

The Xpro1

The Xpro was a stroke of genius from FujiFilm, a beautiful sleek design with incredible features that felt like a Leica in some ways (and in some cases out performed), i know people who stopped using the digital Leica's as a main camera and replaced it with the Xpro. some of the out of the box specs which i found amazing:

  • 16MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS sensor
  • Camera Profiles (changeable at the push of a button)
  • Film simulations (some very good ones)
  • Solid Build Quality and Feel
  • In camera Jpeg editing which produces outstanding results (even at today's standards)

That's what stood out for me when i got the camera and even today with the 2nd and 3rd iteration of the Xpro i haven't thought about upgrading once. Yes there are some great features on the new cameras but the Xpro still delivers everything i need.

I stuck a thumb grip on my camera to make it easier to handle for street style photography, i paid £6 on amazon for it and not the £40+ people pay for the branded thumb grips, and in all honesty its absolutely fine, i have no issues with it at all. i installed in 3 years ago and have never take it off since.

Some shots i have taken with the Xpro:

The last image was taken 2 days ago and had Minimal changes made to it, exposure has barely been touched, just some shadow exposure changes.

These images are things i "liked" the idea of and i think the results came out pretty well.

The Covid19 effect

I have neglected my hobby of photography for the last year, i have spent time sorting life and family out my work and a host of other things which just seem to get in the way of everything. When Covid19 hit, i was unable to train Brazilian JiuJitsu and over the months i started to get to a but miserable and whilst sat in my living room i spotted the camera and after a few hours out again i was loving it all again!

Over the next few weeks and months im going to be writing more and more about the photography stuff whilst working on the Raspada Project!