Wicked Templates

Tailwind CSS Wizard!

As you can see, the site has had a bit of an overhaul.... gone has the white template with not really anything "fun" about it to show, and replaced with this awesome Cyber Punk style theme.

I cant take the credit for the design piece though, that gets put directly at the feet of Mike Andreuzza and incredible designer and founder of;

He also runs a bi-weekly newsletter: unicornsfeed which is full of UX/UI Articles.

I genuinely don't understand how he has time to do it all.... be he does it.


This is similar to Tailwind UI but is completely free! Michael updates these often and they are very easy to use in your projects


Wicked Templates is a site which sells templates as well as gives some free for download. All of which are cool AF, The template this site is based on is one of the premium ones.


This is Mikes latest project and he's working alongside another dev, this is going to be a premium components site similar to the TailwindUI site but i should imagine a bit cheaper (but not skimping on quality).

Great things to come

From the discussions iv'e had with Mike its apparent that he thrives with the dev work and really enjoys what he does and is making the push to go full time developer and judging by what i have seen it wont be too long.

Please, Please, Please Check out Mike and his sites i can promise you wont be disapointed.